Today, Ubisoft sent over the first story trailer for their upcoming hacker-delight Watch_Dogs (does it still have the underscore? I’m not certain). The trailer introduces a handful of NPCs that will help Aiden Pearce along his path to lift the veil on a dark and gigantic under-ground prostitution/slavery ring.

Up until today all we saw from Watch_Dogs was tech trailers. Showing off all of the awesome things you can control and accomplish during the campaign of the game. Highlight reels chalked full of bad-ass action, but without acknowledging the story plot. Now we finally see what Pearce and friends (<—- copy right me, right now!) will be up against. The game itself saw a bit of scary news last month as some rumors swirled about the games demise, and Ubisoft had to frantically replace the IPs Patent and ownership.

Watch_Dogs hits shelves on May 27th, of this year. It will be available for PS4, Xbox ONE, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. With the WiiU version slated to hit later this year.