As of now… not much is known of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. Currently titled UNITY, it is still up to crack shot detectives to pick out the puzzle pieces to gather information on the game.

What is known, is that this isn’t the only AC franchise title Ubisoft is currently working on. The second, is a stand-alone that will be released on last generation consoles (360, ps3). We are not yet aware if this second title in the works will be connected in any way to Unity. The teaser below is just that, a teaser. We get a glimpse of a new Assassin, a new timeline (possibly during the French Revolution), and a new location (Paris, the teaser scene takes place in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral).

Ubisoft is great at giving us enough to know something exists, yet only force us to ask more questions. Is the previously proposed timeline the only one in the game? Who is this new Assassin? What will the current day situation be? We will wait with baited breath. Hopefully some of these inquiries will be solved at E3 in the coming months.

The game is set to release this holiday season, it is rumoured the second title under development will launch roughly in the same window.