Battlefield 4

EA (Kind of?) Announces Battlefield 4

Battlefield 3 was one of EA’s biggest tent-pole releases last year, with a little over two million sales worldwide, as well as numerous accolades from the game critique crowd. So it was a foregone conclusion that anotherBattlefield title would be put into development, that we’d hear about its announcement in a huge splashy Game Informer cover, and promptly proceed to go “Man I love flying jets into my teammates, I’ll be down for another of those games in a year or so!”

The reality of Battlefield 4′s improbable announcement, however, was less of a “massive surprise party with all your friends and cake and music” kind of announcement, looking more akin to that conversation your father has with you when he tells you on your 18th birthday he’s punting you out the door.

I’m not really sure where I was going with that one; moving right along.

In an announcement from EA yesterday regarding pre-order bonuses for their upcoming release Medal of Honor: Warfighter (the sequel to 2010′s Medal of Honor which most certainly did not receive the same critical praise asBF3), a small blurb on the press release proclaimed that pre-ordering Warfighter would get you access to theBattlefield 4 beta. So, surprise Battlefield 4 exists!

This feels like a really off-handed way of announcing one of your biggest current franchises, and it really looks to me like EA bumped up their press schedule haphazardly in an attempt to pin a positive franchise (Battlefield) to a game that looks about as bland as its critically-shoulder-shrugged forebear (Medal of Honor).

while I have nothing but the highest of expectations from Battlefield 4 and its developers over at DICE, this slap-dash reveal makes me wonder whether there’s much confidence at the EA head office for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.