My OTHER Me set to open the eyes of the Ignorant & Anti-Geeky.

Living in a world of geek-dom, I’ve come across a lot of hate and judgement. However for those judges, I have little care as to their insight on my way of life and interested. One of the biggest misconceptions in our culture is the lives touched by Cosplay. The act of Cosplay is a lifestyle in which people can become something or someone that they’ve always admired or wanted to be.

“The term cosplay is a portmanteau of the English words “costume” and “play”. The term was coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi of the Japanese studio Studio Hard while attending the 1984 Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon.[2] He was impressed by the hall and the costumed fans and reported on both in Japanese science fiction magazines. The coinage reflects a commonJapanese method of abbreviation in which the first two moras of a pair of words are used to form an independent compound. Costume becomes kosu (??), and play becomes pure (??).” – says the Wikipedia page

A lot of Cosplayers go all out on their role playing, spending the entire time in character while dawning the wardrobe. It’s a beautiful and inspiring culture that promotes self worth and creativity.

Our lovely city of Vancouver plays host to a few really great events that bring out the cosplayers and the crowds never dissapoint. A film company in Vancouver called High Deaf Productions has spent the last few years creating a documentary on three local cosplayers and how it shapes their lives. This beautiful tale is told through the lens of a camera and really touches the soul.


I give huge kudos to those at High Deaf for trying to extinguish one of the many stigmatism we the geeks are exposed to. The film is set to release sometime this year, with production wrapping a few months ago, we can expect it soon.