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Adventures in Azeroth

I started my journey today. It was hard to leave you and the boy behind in order to perfect the ideals of our future, but as a provider I didn’t see any other way. I know we argued this for years before it eventually came to fruition, and I hope it’s still not held against me among my return.

I got off the griffin in Teldrassil and immediately started searching for the right man to teach me the ropes of Hunting. They kept calling me a level one, and I didn’t clue in until I finally asked someone. Apparently they hold ranks on this land and with high regard to that. A lot of people looked down to me as I started this fruitful inquest and it never really seemed to let up until I ventured a little further from my starting point.

Meeting the ancients

The early tasks were meaningless and I nearly fell asleep trying to shoot down a saber young-ling. So medial and tedious. My patience grew thin. Luckily I have you all to keep me motivated.  Oh! I forgot to mention that they gave me a pet! He is a white and black Saber-Cat and I decided to name him Boba after grandpa. He’s got a real personality to him, and he’s turning into quite the hunting cat.

Aldris Fourclouds gave me early, and while supplying the locals with what I gathered from my kills I was able to gain those early ranks rather quickly. It seemed almost too quick. But I’m told that the higher ranks are harder to obtain and I should enjoy the success of my beginnings. As soon as I outgrew the schroud of the forest I left for Darnassus and I was quickly shuffled onto a Griffin and headed towards the mainland. Can you believe it? An elf like me, from the small village, heading to the main land? Kalimdor is a vast and beautiful place. It was majestic. Until I was tasked with cleansing some of the creatures plaguing the land and locals.

There was a tornado on the Darkshore and I was tasked with finding it’s origins and making the damn thing disappear. It was extremely complicated and wrapped up in lore that I won’t bother you with. It’s a lot of loops and running around doing the same kind of thing for the same kind of people.

I got a tabard, to signify my devotion and work done for Darnassus and the Night Elf kingdom. It’s pretty flashy. I feel like I’m doing really well. I haven’t really made any friends out here yet, but once again the thoughts of you and the family holding down the fort make it a little bit easier.

I thought about hitting up the Darkmoon Faire and possibly rubbing some elbows with more locals. But I can’t seem to find it.

Honey, I want you to know that I’m safe. I’ve faced some peril in numerous occasions, but the skills I’ve learned over my time so far have kept me out of the graveyard. People have been telling me I need to get a couple of side jobs, but I haven’t come up with anything thus far. I’ve toyed with the idea of making some jewels, maybe I could send you a nice necklace, or make the boy a jade ring for his upcoming birthday. It’s a tough choice, but I hear it’s easy to pick up on new ones at a later date.

I met a few ancient Ents at the Grove. They are huge! I even got to ride one while slaying some of those disgusting Horde bastards. We cleansed a hideout that threatened the sanctity of the shore and it went off without nearly a hitch. At first I felt bad slaying members of the Horde, but I realized that if you’re not joining the solution, then you’re part of the problem. I have to do these things for the future of our land and the peace it will bring to our family and families that come after us.

I don’t regret my actions, but I do hold them heavy to my heart as I watch others perish in front of me and also beside me.

I pray this reaches you soon and with haste, I’m sending it on the next Griffin out of Lor’Danel.