Adventures in Azeroth Update

Adventures in Azeroth Update #1

It’s not friendly out here. It hasn’t been easy. After I solved some major issues at the grove on the Darkshore, I headed south.

I met the most curious character. A human dark wizard from the eastern islands. His name was Durrca and he taught me a few things about being higher rank in Azeroth. He took me over to Ironforge and I got to meet a whole slew of max ranks in Stormwind (the capital). It is a beautiful place filled with stone towers and buildings as far as the eye can see. I’ve never seen such a sight, but It kind of makes me miss the forest.


I befriended an injured wolf I found in the road and I ended up hold up at the Nightwatch. It was a great service that I was very proud to provide. A few protection missions and some undead hunting and I was wrapped up. It seemed like it was easy until I was tasked to destroy the leader of a undead army at this large graveyard. I thought I had reached the end of my journey my love. I came within a hairs width of no longer being alive and it made me think of you. I miss you, and the children so desperately much that every time I feel I’m bested some sort of superior strength and will of life takes over and I walk away in tact.

I slayed a Giant!

I spent some time in the south (at Booty Bay) helping out some great pirate folks in the area. The people down here seem to be filled with mystery and deceit. I met a man who wanted to hire me to bring down the Raiders group in Booty Bay from the inside, pure espionage. I couldn’t do it. These people are nice and friendly, I would never desire to hurt them. Instead, an all out man hunt for the trickster started and it ended drastically with the mans death. There is a boat here that takes me back to Kalimdor but it lands in horde territory. I’ve popped over a few times for goods and missions but I’ve never felt safe in “their” territory.

I’m ranked in the 30′s now and I’m almost ready to learn how to fly (using mounts of course). I thought about taking up Leatherworking as a trade on my travels, but I ran into a Gnome friend from Kalimdor and decided I was going to take up Engineering. I know what you’re saying, I can’t learn to work with mechanics. But I’ll prove you wrong yet! I’ve gotten the hang of some of the simpler plans. Maybe I’ll be able to send the kids some cool trinkets with my next letter.

I’m not sure where I’ll head next, but I will keep you updated.