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Borderlands 2′s “Girlfriend Mode” Sets Idiots Ablaze Online

It’s and odd conundrum and one that I tend to stray away from. I know a lot of great female gamers, even ones that can completely kick my ass (aka Mrs Violence) but I’ve never once saw a female gamer and thought “oh, she probably sucks”.

However, the “smrt” people at EuroGamer struck another blunder today when they apparently accurately quoted Gearbox saying that their new noob-friendly co-op skill tree is dubbed “Girlfriend Mode”. Sending the interwebz and its inhabitants into a tirade of mostly overstated criticisms and exceeding insults towards the writers and Gearbox.

Sometimes people just have to confirm from original sources before making themselves look like tools online. Like Courtney Stanton here –

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software quickly defended his work in progress and his team, trying to squash the rumors of the nickname.

There may be a mode where people who aren’t friendly with FPS games or RPG games can grasp a simpler version of what everyone else is enjoying. But who the fuck cares what does or does not dangle between their thighs? My dog isn’t good at FPS games, but I’m not going to make him play the full release game just because he’s a dog and needs to “learn things”. Plus he’s probably just chew his controller and that’s not what a good support tank does.

Plus he just kinda lays around all day anyways. Who wants him as a team mate :)

Any who, I find the pretentiousness of the comments made by not only Eurogamer, but the rest of the Internet flock to be severely crass and completely washable. I completely support an easier version of an identical title simply to benefit undesirable co-op matching. My girlfriend of many years can’t play a FPS game to save her life, want to know what stops her from trying them more often? HOW HARD THEY CAN BE. So why not make me a “Girlfriend Mode” to appease both ends of my shared couch? Touche Gearbox, I can finally get her into one of the greatest FPS series ever.

Even is they did call it “GF Mode” internally, who the hell cares? This doesn’t make them sexist. The new Xbox is called “Project Durango” but I don’t hear Honda bitching that they only included a Dodge product. Doesn’t mean that all Microsoft employees have to drive Dodge vehicles. Bad analogy? Oh well, that’s all you get.

Get over it people. Get over your shit. Let’s enjoy what will be one of the highlights of 2012 in Gaming and praise Gearbox for adding a mode of co-op that will undoubtedly bring an entire new dimensions to house-hold gaming.