Last Pick Productions Begs to Differ in the Streets of Vancouver

Another local group who have a long history of creating great games in this fair city of ours.

Last Pick Productions is the new mind beast from Chris Worboys, Simon Roscoe, and Jeunessa Cheng. It seems as if they’re trying to make a statement right out of the gate. In a time where our consoles and cell phones are draped in overly produced pieces of nothing important, Last Pick is taking a stab at the homeless (not literally).

iBeg is the first mobile and iOS titles from the indie group out of rain city, and it aims to inspire compassion and maybe even some coin for our alleyway community. The trailer takes a stab at our economy as multiple game companies from Vancouver have packed their bags and left town for better tax incentives and cheaper real estate. All summed up by the Office Space inspired firing and a lackluster list of employment opportunities.

The game-play is simple, turn tricks to make coin, all while keeping track of your Spirit, Health, and Hygiene. There are even some notable Vancouver locations including Gastown, English Bay, and even what looks like a hipster cafe on Main & Kingsway. With their sights set on directing change (pun completely intended) iBeg and the folks at Last Pick hope that they can bring the difficult like of the homeless in front of the mass population. All while we enjoy a fun and artistic game.

The following is a list of features you can look forward to seeing in iBeg:

  • Play as a homeless avatar whose environment is the harsh city streets of Vancouver, BC
  • Keep yourself happy, healthy, and clean, the most basic of human needs
  • Real-time day/night cycle, complete with random events
  • Weather systems: rain, sun and snow
  • Vibrant city with unique locations and characters from all walks of life
  • Skill system that allows you to level up your street abilities, increasing their proficiency
  • Earn money from a variety of activities, including panhandling, busking, collecting cans, and doing odd jobs
  • Unlock more content by saving up your hard earned coins, or purchase in-game currency for an instant boost
  • Customize and improve your homeless person’s shelter and lifestyle, as you work towards getting him off of the streets
  • Real world impact – in-game purchases go towards helping real people dealing with homelessness

Please check out the KickStarter page for iBeg and help get this game made! Here is their kickstarter page including pre-alpha gameplay.