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Mass Effect Movie to be Based on the First Game, With the Script Already Written

I’m waiting for the day when a video game movie comes out that does for our genre what Spiderman did for the comic book film world. Whilethankfully everyone’s favourite German boxer Uwe Boll seems to have gotten out of the video game film industry, there still hasn’t been a single good or even passable movie based on a game genre since the original Mortal Kombat. I hasten to repeat – the original Mortal Kombat, not the sequel, which killed my childhood. No, really, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation was my Vietnam.

Anyways, the faint hopes of game and film aficionados may yet again be stoked, as news of the announced-but-nascent Mass Effect surfaced earlier today, with a report coming out of film studio Legendary stating that not only is the project not dead, the script’s been finished, and will reportedly focus on the events of the first Mass Effect game. While little else has been revealed, I can tell you that the film’s Shepard will be a male; sorry femsheps.

No casting details have been announced as of yet either, though from the questions answered in Legendary’s posting it looks as if Seth Green is a strong grassroots candidate to play Joker. Hell, I wouldn’t be against it.