Creating a Linux Domain Controller to mimic Active Directory

At work I had to figure out how to get UMRA to work with a Linux domain controller for a demo of our SSRPM solution. We did not have a Linux domain set up, but I did have an extra Ubuntu VM. I found some instructions to set up OpenLDAP from this website, but it was written for Ubuntu 7.10, while we’re using 9.04.

The instructions provided were spot on and easy to follow. Everything installed easily with no errors and the OpenLDAP/Samba domain controller was up and running in a few hours. Once PHPLDAPAdmin was installed I could finally see the end result of all my work.

When I saw the changes were made I used UMRA to perform a basic search on the new domain and it pulled back all of the necessary results.

I will put detailed notes of the results and improve the instructions later.